Debt Free Decorating Tips!

One of the most exciting events of anyone’s financial life is when the purchase their first home or piece of real-estate. They save up money for a couple of years for their big down payment, go visit a real estate agent, look through a bunch of different homes and find the perfect one! Once you find the perfect one, close the deal and get your mortgage in order, you finally get to move in! You’ve probably paid quite a bit of money on all of the closing cost, realtor fees, the down payment, and the like and don’t have a whole lot of money left over. You’ve got your new house, just spent a whole lot of money buying it, but now you have to decorate and the money is not there! Follow these ten great decorating tips which will save you a lot of money and hopefully prevent you from having to go into debt to decorate your house!
Take your existing furniture with you when you buy a home. The last thing you need is a big new furniture bill when you are paying mortgage payments for the first time.

Buy your furniture at the right time. In the month of January, retailers are trying to get rid of last year’s inventory, so they put on discounts. Some experts say October and April are also good months to buy furniture because that’s when retailers are gearing up to buy next season’s inventory. Save up and pay in full when one of these months come around.

Shop online to get great furniture deals and make sure you check out reviews of products first at sites like More often than not you can get a better deal in a community an hour a way than in your home. If you are anywhere near North Carolina, be sure to visit a town called High Point. It’s a hub for many furniture manufacturers and has become a great place to get bargains.

Not everything has to be an antique or the designer model. It’s okay to shop at a big box retailer for some of your purchases. It’s okay to get window treatments, lamps and the like from these places.

Be creative with what you’ve got. Chances are you and your parents probably have all sorts of things you can decorate with that you’ve never considered. Ask to look through your parents basement, they quite often have some very beautiful stuff that you can use to decorate your house that they are not using.

Choose a low cost color. Not all paints cost the same, and one of the quickest and cheapest ways to give your home a great new look is to paint it!

Release your inner child

Feeling grumpy? Have you ever been called “stick in the mud?” I remember years ago I heard the phrase “lighten up” so many times I began to wonder, “Am I taking life too seriously?”
I think I was and I needed a change. I was all work and no play and apparently very dull at times. As adults we have many responsibilities and we should take them seriously. However we shouldn’t take ourselves to seriously. There’s a huge difference there!

Luckily for me it’s very easy to lighten up. I’m a totally different person than I was ten years ago. I try to find the humor in any situation and when I do, things don’t seem so bleak. If you think doom and gloom is coming, it will. If you think you can overcome and think about the solution instead of the problem your life will become so much better. A big key for this turnaround for me was finding my inner child. It sounds cliché but it works.

Throw a Temper Tantrum

Mad? Angry? Let it go! Don’t be afraid to scream, shout or maybe even break something. If you have little ones you may want to go somewhere else to do this. Allowing yourself to have a temper tantrum will help you blow off steam and release the building stress. Go ahead and give it a go.

Jump in the Mud Puddles

Forget about your nice duds for a moment and throw on some old jeans and sneakers. Go for a wall and look at things through a child’s eyes. If you don’t have a child of your own take a niece, nephew or neighbors child with you (with the parents permission of course). Watch how they interact with the things they find. Don’t be afraid to get dirty or to have a good splash in a mud puddle. Don’t worry about getting strange looks. Just smile, wave and make them wonder why you seem so carefree.

Wiggle It

If you have children under age five you may have heard of the Wiggles. If you haven’t please go turn on Playhouse Disney immediately and find out! These guys are more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Don’t just watch the show get up and dance. Not only is the great exercise it will make you feel silly all over. An even better option is to go see them live. Take your kids or go on your own. You will be reminded that there is still innocence in the world and it’s OK to mellow out and be happy.

Go to a Concert

Remember being a teenager? Remember the heart-thumbing hormone-driven love you had for your favorite band? Go ahead and bring that feeling back even if its for only one night. Go to and see who will be coming to your area. Get tickets and act like a teenager for a night. You may be surprised how many of your friends will be willing to go with you.

Take a Ride

Make plans to visit a carnival or amusement park when the weather is warm. Don’t just watch your kids ride the rides get on them yourself. Buy some cotton candy and play the games. Try to think back to the wonder you felt as a child when entering such a magical place and recreate it.

Build a Sand Castle

If you live near a beach take a day and go. Forget about getting the perfect tan and dive into the water. Take a bucket and build a sand castle and get nice and dirty while you do it.

Go Dancing

Forget slow dancing with your spouse and head out to the club with your girlfriends. Spending time with your husband is important but he is mostly likely not willing to get down and boogie with you at a local club. If he is then good for you! If not, take your girls out and get silly. Dance like you were a teenager again.

Get Crafty

Purchase art supplies and go nuts. Build a log cabin out of Popsicle sticks or try using a pottery wheel. You may even enjoy trying your hand at painting. Buy some canvas and some paint. If you feel you have no talent what so ever, forget the brush and paint with your fingers. Better yet, lay down some old sheets and drip or throw the paint onto the canvas and see what happens.

Explore Nature

I grew up in the country and there was nothing more refreshing than exploring the woods near my home. If you don’t live near the country visit your local park. Feed the ducks, climb a tree or careen down a hill on a sled. Simple things like catching frogs or crayfish will help you remember simpler times. If you are too squeamish for that sort of thing take the time to watch the birds fly by or the squirrels run through the tree branches.

Forgive Yourself

No matter what you have done or what has happened to you there is no reason to limit your fun time. Whether you hurt someone or they hurt you give yourself permission to move on. Make it a point to forgive yourself or forgive someone you feel hurt you. Forgiveness doesn’t mean it was OK it means you are leaving it to the past and looking ahead. You may find that nothing helps free your spirit more than forgiveness.